Location: Asia Pacific | Client: Kellogg Company

Kellogs Food Safety Assessments

Project Description

Kellogg Company had nine production facilities in their Asia Pacific region in 2010. At that stage, the newly appointed Director of Engineering for the region required a comprehensive assessment to be conducted at each facility in order to establish the condition of the infrastructure and how it impacted their food safety in the long- and short term. The information collected was classed into four main categories: emergency repairs; repairs; preventative maintenance; and upgrades.

Based on the assessment reports, informed decisions could be made regarding budget allocations, future projects, expansion requirements and emergency work, to ensure the infrastructure remains fit for purpose for the foreseeable future.


Project Scope

Kellogg’s appointed Greene Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd to visit each factory and asses the infrastructure, its condition and the impact its condition has on the functionality of the facility. A comprehensive report was to be compiled, describing each area of the infrastructure, its status and required improvements. The proposed alterations to the facility were also discussed in the report. Costing for the proposed repairs, upgrades and expansions was an important deliverable of the project.


The following Asia Pacific Kellogg Company factories were assessed:

Botany Bay: Australia

Charmhaven: Australia

Yishui: China

Frenches Forest: Australia

Takasaki: Japan

Toloja: India

Anseong: South Korea

Impilo Entsha: South Africa

Rayong: Thailand


Total project value: US $ 34 MILLION

  • Completion of Project


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