New Food Factory
Location: SRI City, India | Client: Kellogg Company


During 2012, Kellogg Company endeavoured to expand their operations in India due to a steadily growing economy and higher than expected growth in the cereal industry. At that stage there was only one cereal production facility in India (in Mumbai). A suitable site for a second cereal production facility was identified on a property measuring 80 937 m². It is located 60 km north west of Chennai, in the Sri City Industrial Development area.

The scope of the project included the development of a green-field site, with the main production building measuring 312 m long and 40 m wide. The building was designed as a single-pitch pre-engineered steel building, allowing for future expansion to increase the floor space by nearly the same area. An administration building and various utilities buildings were also designed.

Greene Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd was appointed for the civil, structural and architectural (CSA) design, as well as for project co-ordination. This included separate appointments for the preliminary design and cost-estimate phase, detail design and procurement phase, and implementation phase.


Project Scope

The scope of the CSA work included the design of the bulk earthworks platform (cut and fill due to ± 8 m slope over the length of the site), design of the foundations for the main pre-engineered building, design of various reinforced concrete utility buildings, as well as all civil services (sewer, water, storm water, roads and parking).


3D modelling of the new development

Bulk earthworks in progress

Box cut under main building foundations

Removal of hard rock during bulk earthworks

Construction of percolation pit for rainwater harvesting

Construction of percolation pit for rainwater harvesting

Administration building

Mounded LPG storage

Effluent treatment plant



    Total project value: US $ 63 million

  • Completion of Project


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