Expansion of the MOMA Titanium Minerals Mine

Minerals Processing Plant
Location: North-Eastern Mozambique | Client: AVENG Engineering


Project Description

Kenmare Resources plc appointed Aveng Engineering to detail design, construct and commission the expansion of the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine on the north-eastern coast of Mozambique.

The Minerals Separation Plant (MSP) of the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine processes the titanium minerals ilmenite and rutile, as well as the zirconium silicate mineral, zircon. A heavy mineral concentrate (HMC), consisting of all three minerals, is produced by the floating plant. This is then pumped to the MSP, where it is separated into the final products for export via Kenmare’s company-owned port facility.

Aveng Engineering appointed Greene Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd for the civil- and structural engineering design, as well as construction monitoring services of the MSP. Being on the coast, the location of the site is a highly corrosive environment, and also falls in a cyclone region for which the appropriate design wind loads had to be researched in collaboration with the CSIR.


Project Scope

The main civil- and structural engineering scope of work for the MSP included the following:


The structural design of the tailings stacker according to the client’s specifications. The stacker is designed to be moved/towed around to new stockpiling positions by bulldozers

The civil- and structural design of a new steel building to house the Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separation (WHIMS) circuit at the front of the ilmenite circuit of the (MSP). This building also houses a 10-tonne overhead crane

The design of a new raw water dam

Reinforced concrete pump house to deliver water from the new raw-water dam to the various areas as required

Auxiliary ilmenite building –680 tonnes of steel was required to construct this building

The product storage facilities for the final products were increased from 140 000 tonnes storage capacity to 220 000 tonnes storage capacity

Process water dam delivering water to the various processes at the MSP area

Magnetics and non-magnetics material skid stackers to stockpile these products around the MSP area. These stackers were also designed to be moved/towed around to the required stockpiling areas

Conveyor-support structures, including conveyor transfer towers for directional changes


Construction of auxiliary ilmenite building


  • Completion of Project


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